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Composite vs Foams

Moonwalkr is the first full composite, cricket leg guard in the history of the sport.

Moving away from the perpetual use of high density foams which has been in practice for close to a century!

The revolutionary new material technology changes the very DNA of protective equipment in cricket.

Moonwalkr has a one of a kind production facility in Bangalore with special purpose machines to work with this new composite technology.

Moonwalkr worked with some of the best material scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute, Germany to compose that perfect material solution.

Dr.-Ing. Ruediger Braeuning, Fraunhofer-Institut fuer Chemische Technologie (ICT), Former Deputy Division Director Polymer Engineering

“The Moonwalkr product concept, when it was first discussed with us was extremely cutting edge in how it offers solutions to existing product challenges. The cricket Leg guards had two primary challenges, Extremely bulky and inadequate protection. 
We went through a 10 month material evaluation and selection process. The impact energy behavior from a cricket leather ball was studied and an energy management system was designed using a specific composite with a high strength to weight ratio in conjunction with dual density foam whose internal architecture was fabricated such that the sensitive areas of the legs which is the shin and the knee were completely protected.
We succeeded in decelerating the cricket ball and dissipating the impact energy over a larger surface to give us the ‘Happy safe feeling’ on impact. All this while being 50% lighter than existing products in the market”