The human body is above all, purely functional. And yet, it contains an aesthetic that can only be appreciated in the finer details. Every muscle, nerve and sinew has its reason to exist and was perfected over eons of evolution as our weaponry to outlast the most hostile environments.

It is a work of science, and art.

 To protect ourselves further, we have crafted the most advanced defensive gear over the centuries. From hunting grounds to battlefields, we have always sought to protect ourselves better. And in the modern gladiatorial arena of sports, the emphasis has been on bulking up with multiple layers of armour, with little thought given to speed, aesthetics and enhanced performance.

We are here to change that.

Bringing together the latest developments in sports tech, we are upgrading traditional cricket gear to focus on form and function. With inputs from the best minds in the art of defensive equipment and the most advanced materials, we’re creating lightweight, performance-oriented helmets and guards, so when you step up to the crease, you carry  no excess baggage.