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We are the last line of defence.
Our approach to advancing the construction of the Leg Guard is to strip it down to the essentials, creating the EXOS, a lightweight blend of materials that completely hugs your leg without hindering movement and has been rigorously tested to its breaking point and beyond.
In the future, you don’t need to bulk up and slow down.

Key Features

Slimmer, Lighter, Stronger, Faster

The EXOS is less than half the weight and thickness of traditional Leg Guards and yet offers an additional 15% in terms of strength and rigidity, ensuring that you can clock those 22 yards between the wickets a lot faster

Speed Ball Protection

The EXOS Leg Guards ensure full protection at ball speeds up to 160 kmph/100 mph; can't ask for more, just be on your play


EXOS has been designed with an aesthetic in mind for a generation that is set to take the sport to all heights. Visually striking and offering major performance enhancements on the pitch

Form Follows Function

3D moulded design provides the most comfortable fit and the lightweight components, designed by us in conjunction with leading material researchers and designers from Germany, offering unrestricted movement in all situations

Future Defence and Care

The First Leg Guard built entirely with new age, lightweight composites making it comfortable to wear and play. The moulded design fits perfectly to your leg so run and play like never before with high scores; it is 50% lighter than traditional guards so enjoy the freedom of movement

Sizing and Weight Chart

Correct sizing for your moonwalkr EXOS batting leg guards is based on your height. It is not dependent on your age OR weight OR waist size:

  • If Height is 4’5” – 4’8”, Correct Size: Extra Small
  • If Height is 4’9” – 5’3”, Correct Size: Small
  • If Height is 5’4” – 5’8”, Correct Size: Medium
  • If Height is 5’9” – 6’4”, Correct Size: Large

Please find the weights of each size below:

  • Extra Small size = 730 grams
  • Small size = 1115 grams
  • Medium size = 1375 grams
  • Large size = 1420 grams


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