MIND Cricket Helmet

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We are the last line of defence.
Crafted ground up from the toughest and lightest materials, we’ve designed the MIND in consultation with top cricketers and equipment designers, to offer you advanced lightweight construction that gives complete protection to the head and also incorporates an extension for protection against lower head injuries. It also provides maximum visibility along with full face and jaw protection, courtesy a fixed position grill construction.
Keep a cool head - Take some weight off and focus on your game.

Key Features

Keep you Cool

Our these 30-point ventilation system directs air inwards and avoids heat build-up in the toughest conditions

The Art Of Deflection

An aerodynamic front profile means the MIND deflects, instead of resisting the ball, greatly reducing the forces sustained by the head

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Enhanced airflow via comfort fit liners and direct ventilation for the forehead liners reduces sweat build-up over the eyes

Comfort and Safety

Moonwalkr MIND Cricket Helmet offers optimum comfort and safety:

  • Pliable foam offers maximum comfort with an ability to sustain extreme forces.
  • The first cricket helmet integrated with complete Head protection at the back, still allowing for unrestricted all-round movement, so your head is always on the game.

Face those Balls

Now face those balls with high speed, it can save you from a ball with a speed of approximately 160 kmph; so play without worry while hitting those fours and sixes. It is also equipped with secure, fastening strap on a rigid structure, resulting in low deformation and enhanced protection

Stronger Head into the Game

Thinking of those high-energy hits? Don't worry the extra rigid zones designed in the helmet are aimed to sustain high-energy hits and provide optical impact management. Just go for your natural game


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