ENDOS Thigh Guards

  • One guard to protect them all
  • The ENDOS has been thoughtfully designed as an integrated dual thigh guard to ensure adequate protection for your inner and outer thigh regions
  • 3D protection design
  • ENDOS is made from lightweight composite materials developed with leading sports material researchers from Germany
  • Constructed with advanced 3D moulding techniques, the ENDOS offers superior protection compared to traditional thigh guards
  • Designed to fit, designed to protect
  • A hinged design allows for a snug, flexible fit regardless of thigh size and provides unhindered movement while running
  • Flexi hip protection
  • Articulated design for the hip area to enable maximum mobility
  • Product Info

    For something that isn’t even visible on match day, the thigh guard has traditionally been a cumbersome piece of equipment. At moonwalkr, we retain only the most necessary elements to provide the ultimate comfort, ease of movement and protection with the ENDOS. The ENDOS guarantees an intimate fit, coupled with fierce strength, and is tested rigorously under all conditions.

    The Last line of Defence in your arsenal.

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